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Welcome to the Official Homepage of the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment - Regional Office No. 3, or DOLE RO3, to our clients, partners, and stakeholders.
As said in my favorite quote of former U.S. President Richard Nixon:
"If you want to play beautiful music together, you play the black and white notes together, not everybody may be a good singer, but as long as everyone can sing, I believe that every single voice would bring out his/her unique and melodious tune that would act grandeur in creating a whole new beautiful song."
"I stand before you to attest this truthfulness as I place myself ready to harmonize the notes from where I came from to where I am now. I have nothing but humble submission towards the call for action."

The DOLE RO 3 continues to be a champion in the promotion of gainful employment opportunities; ensuring the protection and welfare of our Filipino Workforce, both here and abroad; and a catalyst in fostering and maintaining industrial peace throughout the region.

Through the tides of time and in this so-called “information communication technology” era, DOLE has established a regional website counterpart ( from its main website ( as a response in keeping pace with these technological advancements in communicating its various program and services to the general public in the world wide web. We further communicate the DOLE in the grassroot-level through social network sites, thus "Dole Central Luzon," is the first DOLE Regional Office ever to have registered with Facebook in December 2009.

Please feel free to browse our website and be informed on our programs and services; get to know the latest news stories from our Press Release Archives; secure updates on the prevailing minimum wage rates; and be up to date on our latest labor advisories.  

For easier and quick transactions with us, we made our requirement documents readily accessible through our Downloadable Forms menu for your convenience. Likewise, for transparency’s sake, we posted our needs in Invitation to Bid as well as in DOLE Job Vacancies. And yes, a copy of the Labor Code of the Philippines has been made available online to help researchers, lawyers, workers, labor organizations, employers, and students.

Realizing that our clients’ need to be served cannot be delayed at all cost, we quick-linked our site to the Department’s Family of Agencies. DOLE RO 3 is geared towards greater heights and has likewise focused on Developmental Programs that aim to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment as a means of alternative livelihood and an option to wage employment.

Of course, we would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions on how to improve our services-delivery capability by calling us at (045) 861-4383 or emailing us at or

"I rise to this new challenge with open heart and mind. We cannot affor to stay complacent sipping our cup of tea in our domain that has brought us to our comfort zone, rather, like a soldier, we must be ready to submit to the greater authority at anytime, any place, esppecially if the call is for the good of the majority."

"Welcome to the DOLE RO 3 website, malaus co pu."

Regional Director
Welcome to the Official Homepage of the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment -
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