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Dione to CL PESOs at 2016 CL PESO YEPA opener: “Be child-like in creating new ideas”
CLARK FREEPORT ZONE – “Be child-like in creating new ideas; let us be like siblings in doing so because we treat our Central Luzon Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs) as part of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Family.”
These words DOLE Regional Director Atty. Ana Dione said to some 172 PESO-delegates all over the region that gathered in yesterday’s 2016 PESO Year-End Performance Assessment (YEPA) opener.
Also among the delegates whom Dione addressed are officials of the Central Luzon Career Guidance Network (CL-CGN), who are now regular mainstays in PESO assessments
The 3-day PESO assessment, which commenced yesterday and will be concluded tomorrow, is currently on-going at the Royce Hotel and Casino, Clark Freeport Zone.
This year’s theme: “Taking Steps Higher,” is anchored on the PESO Federation of Central Luzon’s (PESO Central Luzon’s) levelling-up for PESO personnel to think “child-like” in being creative and innovative.   
Dione, who stressed the PESOs’ valuable contribution in shaping the landscape of employment and welfare interventions in the region, urged them to revisit the “basic ways of doing things.”
“Being home to PESO Hall of Famers, Central Luzon PESOs, through the years, played a significant role in its successful implementation of DOLE/PESO programs to the grassroots in this region. However, as we are faced with new challenges presented before us, we tend to overlook the basic ways of doing things,” Dione said, adding:
“This year’s theme, ‘Taking higher steps,’ is an opportunity for us to see, as a ‘Family,’ on how we do things from afar. We go back-to-basics and try to be child-like in coming up with new innovations to further improve our delivery of services.”
Dione also urged the PESOs to seize the opportunity in maximizing their efforts during its Planning Session and suggested to adopt strategies relative to the needs of their respective areas.
Meanwhile, PESO Central Luzon President Luningning Vergara, for her part, told PESOs to look beyond employment facilitation in terms of implementing DOLE/PESO programs.  
“We should remember that we are more than employment facilitators, we are also promoting other welfare programs. Let us broaden our horizons and also think of ways to effectively implement other DOLE/PESO program areas like our livelihood and youth employment programs,’ Vergara said, adding:
“This is the reason why we need to continue learning new things, try different schemes. And as earlier mentioned, we should have child-like ways in coming up with new ideas because children never run out of ideas, so should we.”
Sr. Labor and Employment Officer (LEO Ian Ticar of the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE) kicked-off the assessment with the latest updates from the BLE.
In his presentation, Ticar discussed and highlighted the Salient Features of RA 10691, otherwise known as the Amended PESO Act of 1999.
The salient features include the Institutionalization of the PESOs in the Local Government Units (LGUs), Permanent Positions in the LGU-level, Improved Labor Market Information (LMI) services, and Funding.
Ticar also highlighted the responsibilities of the DOLE and LGUs in implementing RA 10691, Establishment and Accreditation of LGU-PESO, Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring of LGU-PESO personnel, and Incentivizing Operational PESOs.
Sr. LEO Ferdinand Capati from the DOLE regional office, for his part, discussed the Conceptual Framework of the country’s Labor Market Information System (LMIS) and PESO Employment Information System (PEIS).
An open forum was facilitated to cap off the day’s undertaking where the PESO managers/personnel took opportunity to raise PESO-related issues and concerns were raised and noted.
Today, Technical Support and Services Division for Employment and Welfare head Alejandro Inza Cruz will be presenting the CY 2016 accomplishments of the PESOs.
All PESOs will be participating in the discussion and exchange of ideas and strategies in coming up with an Action Plan in today’s PESO Planning Session and PESO Hour.
Later in the evening will be the Fellowship Night honoring the successful efforts of the various PESOs in the “2016 Regional Best PESO Awarding Ceremonies.”
END/Jerry Borja




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