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CSC praised Guard on post at DOLE RO3

Maimpis,City of San Fernando, Pampanga-Rolly Rirao, security guard on post during the spot visit of the Civil Service Commission. The DOLE RO3 was lauded of his apt and courteous way of welcoming visitors of the agency./DOLERO3


City of San Fernando, Pampanga/April 10, 2019 – Security Guard Rolly Rirao of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Region 3 was commended of his fitting gesture during the surprise visit of the Civil Service Commission.

The Civil Service Commission(CSC) has already announced to conduct surprised visit of different agencies and offices to assure efficient and prompt service of state workers. No less than Commissioner Aileen Lourdes A. Lizada lead the visit to various government agencies as witnessed on news.

Recently, a video courtesy of the CSC was featured on news and on social media and the DOLE was among the agencies spot checked by the commission.

Rirao, 59 years old is an employee of the CDM Security Agency. He has been posted at DOLE for 28 years now. “Mang Rolly” narrated that he didn’t even noticed that it was a spot check from the CSC further he said that he just followed the protocol when on duty “binati ko po ng good morning, pina-register ko po sa log-book  at itinuro ang daan papunta sa front desk”, Rirao said.

Meanwhile, DOLE Regional Director Zen Angara-Campita was not surprised of the results of the spot checked conducted by the CSC. Director Angara-Campita said that all employees of the Department are constantly briefed of human resource policies as to assure quick, courteous and efficient public service. ”As public servant we assure that we equip all personnel to be responsible and efficient in the delivery of services and we shall continue to be an accountable institution”, she added./DOLERO3

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